Phew we have it! Reyma offers the best prices with superior customer service for high quality, environment friendly, disposable products.
Reyma more than a food service plastic products company

Reyma Group started as a small business with only 4 employees, family support anda plastic bag manufacturing machine. Subsequently we expanded production and developed new product fines such as cups, trays, containers, stretch film, cutlery and food grade line clingfilm.

With our outstanding dedication through the years we have established ourselves as the Mexican Leader in the production, marketing and distribution of disposable products, reflecting on successes our daily work. We have positioned our products to become the preferred brand in all sectors where disposable products are consumed from large supermarket chains, to small business.

At REYMA group, we care about being at the forefront in design, functionality and quality of our products, that's why we have a design and development department responsible for providing products according to market needs.

We generate creative, innovative and functional designs for the food sector, and conduct studies of quality durability and ergonomics in each of our in plastic developments.

Disposable products do not cany odor or taste, are hygienic not conducive to bacterial growth, are sturdy and easy to use, and also prevent filtration and liquids runoff.

Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards in order to offer our clients an excellent product.


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